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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT vr
They bear upon the mil.   But the gruff guns
Of Dicksoris Portuguese
Punch spectral vistas through the maze of these ! More Frenchmen press, and roaring antiphons * Of cannonry contuse the roofs and walls and trees.
Wrecked are the ancient bridge, the green spring plot, The blooming fruit-tree, the fair flower-knot!
Yet the true mischief to the English might Is meant to fall not there.    Look to the right', And read the shaping scheme by yon hill-side, Where cannon, foot, and brisk dragoons you see, With Werlt and Latour-Maubourg to guide, Waiting to breast the hill-brow bloodily.
BERESFORD now becomes aware of this project on his flank, and sends orders to throw back his right to face the attack. The order is not obeyed Almost at the same moment the French rush is made, the Spanish and Portuguese allies of the English are beaten back, and the hill is won. But two English divisions bear from the centre of their front, and plod desperately up the hill to retake it.
Now he among us who may wish to be A skilled practitioner in slaughtery, Should watch this hour s fruition yonder there, And he will know, if knowing ever were, How mortals may be freed their fleshly cells, And quaint red doors set ope in sweating fells, By methods swift and slow and foul and fair !
The ^ English, who have plunged up the hill, are caught in a heavy mist, that hides from them an advance in their rear of the lancers and hussars of the enemy. The lines of the Buffs, the Sixty-sixth, and those of the Forty-eighth, who were with them, in a chaos ef smoEe, steel, sweat, curses, and blood, are beheld melting down